Float (2018)

Created for Augur Magazine, issue 1.3. A short comic reflecting on belief, perception, and Chinese-Canadian diasporic identity.

After burning joss paper at her grandmother's tomb, Essie begins seeing a strange wispy shape in her left eye. Conversations with her family open up questions and memories about her grandmother's death.

Read about the process of creating the comic here.

The Wife's Shadow (2017)

Published in Wayward Sisters anthology.

Xiao Yan looks like the perfect wife, but she has been having trouble sleeping. She's disturbed by the unending noise of bats screeching outside; worse yet, this seems to be something only she can hear.

Expectation (2017)

To be published in Living Hyphen journal.

A mini comic about the doors we encounter in life. Debuted at Canzine Vancouver 2017.

In-Between Home (2017)

Published in A Side of Rice and reprinted in Augur Magazine.

A short one-shot comic about belonging. Two figures from Chinese mythology - Chang E, the moon goddess, and Jingwei, the girl-turned bird - have an unlikely encounter.

Chicken Soup & Goji Berries
中药鸡汤 (2016-2017)

Co-created with Naomi Cui for Project 40 Collective.

A Chinese-English bilingual webcomic, about a Chinese-Canadian family and their grandmother's magic.