I care about education and growth for children, girls, and young people of color. One of my primary goals as an artist is to work with like-minded people to faciliate creativity and learning for kids and teens.

If you want to learn about the art classes I teach in Burnaby, head over to youngartistsplace.com!

Workshops & school visits

Are you looking for an artist to teach a workshop for your school or event? I've delivered art programs in schools and private studios, and given workshops for Burnaby Public Library and SCBWI Canada West.

Please contact me at janice@janiceliu.com with teaching inquiries. I'd be happy to work together to develop a program for either kids or adults! References available upon request.

Break out of Bystanding

Illustrations for New Moon Girls magazine, for a spread about dealing with mean jokes and bullying.

The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre

A small selection from over 900 illustrations commissioned by the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, a research and education centre for children's mental health.

Story Cookbook

A kids' writing resource I worked on with Story Planet, a non-profit devoted to literacy programs for children.