Halloween art workshop: Spooky cats!

Procreate workshop with teens at the Burnaby Public Library
Janice Liu
November 13, 2022

This year I hosted a special Halloween-themed art workshop with the Burnaby Public Library!

At the Burnaby Public Library, Tommy Douglas branch

I'm incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to plan and teach these art workshops with my local library! We usually do a set of art workshops for summer break, winter break, and spring break, but this year we also decided to do a Halloween-themed workshop.

The library has a new set of iPads that we've been using for the teen art programs this year.

My example art!

Some basic key skills I always go over with these Procreate workshops are:

  • Resizing the canvas,
  • touch gestures (undo, redo, clear layer),
  • use of the symmetry ruler,
  • and using layers...

And for this particular workshop, I also wanted to show participants how to use the Gaussian Blur function and Add (Glow) layer mode in Procreate to achieve a glowy look!

The teens could choose any elements they wanted to add around their cats. I asked them to put all the elements that were going to be glowy on the same layer.

Their work turned out so cool!

Finished work by the participants! (the bottom left is the teen librarian's contribution, LOL)
Janice Liu
Janice teaches art, writing, and comics, and has published several comic stories. She lives in Burnaby, BC.


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