An East Asian woman wearing a blue cardigan smiles at the camera.


Janice Liu is a children's comic artist who teaches art & comics. Her 2019 graphic novel, Chicken Soup & Goji Berries 中药鸡汤, was a 2020 Excellence in Graphic Literature Award finalist, and a Gene Day Award nominee.

Janice's digital illustrations simulate the look of real ink and watercolour, and combine commercial cartooning with the look of Chinese ink painting. Her work is often about exploring culture, belonging, and the unknown through the supernatural and fantastical.

Janice is the owner of the art school Young Artists’ Place. She also teaches workshops and art programs for children across the Vancouver area.



You can also find Janice on her instagram: flutterdoodle, or on twitter at @flutterdoodle.

Published graphic novels

  • Chicken Soup & Goji Berries (Cloudscape Comics, 2019) Writer: Naomi Cui, Art: Janice Liu

Anthologies & published comic shorts

  • Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women (TO Comix Press, 2018)
  • Augur Magazine, Issue 1.3 (2018)
  • Living Hyphen, Issue 1: Entrances & Exits (2018)
  • Augur Magazine, Preview Issue (2017)

Teaching positions (as of feb 2021)


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