Cat's Yawn
Jingwei and Rabbit
Last Night of My Dynasty
Ink and brush lilies
Two Umbrellas
Illustration in an inky, watercolour style. A woman in traditional Chinese clothing plays the flute while floating in front of the full moon.
Chang E, Moon Goddess
Watercolour style illustration. A Chinese fisher's boat floats on a river with sunset colours lighting up the water. Blue hills fade in the background. Two cartoon characters dressed in hanfu are on the boat.
On the river
The Ramparts of Night
Comic Panels: Millie
Cover art for Augur magazine
Rabbit Physician
Sad China's dragon
Baby Owlbear
Shiba Inu
Three girls of different races stand around talking, while two more girls watch with disdain. Speech bubble says "so what's your favorite class so far?"
Cartoon for New Moon Girls magazine
Inside Cat, Outside Cat
8 Tiny Reindeer

watercolour portraits

Digital watercolor self portrait by Janice Liu

lunar new year series

2023 Year of the Rabbit
2022 Year of the Tiger
Watercolour illustration of a girl walking beside an ox. The Chinese text reads - Year of the Ox, walking into good luck.
2021 Year of the Ox
2020 Year of the Rat
2019 Year of the Pig
2018 Year of the Dog
2017 Year of the Rooster
2016 Year of the Monkey
2015 Year of the Sheep